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Meanwhile, we had a friendly visit from two members of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service yesterday, who came to collect data from the tower they had installed to track our Common and Arctic terns.Hopefully, the towers they have been installing on islands all over the Gulf of Maine will receive lots of data transmitted from radio tags we put on our terns several weeks ago, so we can track how far out they have been flying to find fish.The little pufflings will soon leave their nests in the middle of the night, hop down the rocks and venture out to sea for the next 2 to 3 years before they hopefully return back to Seal to rear chicks of their own.The arctic tern chicks are preparing to follow their parents on a great migration to Antarctica where the next two years will be spent growing up and preparing for the long solo flight back to their birthplace with the goal of beginning a new family.

The earlier you buy the more you'll save, so shop now. For just 9 (plus tax), a Zoom Room card comes packed with a night of lodging in a hotel-style room or studio condo.To see how big these chicks have gotten is astonishing, and watching them grow their first real feathers gives me great hope that they will return to the island as breeding adults for many years to come.We have also grubbed out a few adults, for the purpose of measuring them as well as taking off, or putting on, geolocators (as you can see co-supervisors Ed and Julia doing below).These tiny data-recording devices, once removed from the ankles of the puffins, will hopefully tell us all about where the individuals have traveled throughout the year.

It is surely exciting to be at the forefront of such important research, not to mention being able to work with these adorable pelagic birds up close.* Line Numbers: All non-reserved vehicles and trucks leaving Vinalhaven are required to have a Line Number.