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What’s more important is that we do know (and respect) that you are have become a critic of many aspects of Dan’s story.The only response we can really offer is that we are looking forward to his and Marci’s appearance in Zurich (and later, in LA in September) where they have stated they will present corroborative information not seen before about some important aspects of his testimony.We're sure the world is relieved to know that's what the WFE (War For Everything) was ultimately about, and that the Catastrophe the J-rod told Dan Burisch would happen on March 28th, 2009, was avoided - thanks to the many prayers said throughout the world. Please acknowledge receipt of this email at your earliest convenience.Response From Project Camelot Hi, Don: Many thanks for your message.We don’t want to be using our occasional Camelot ‘What’s New’ postings as a debating ground concerning issues of perceived territoriality or ownership of forum names!

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2, 2003 when it began, refers to a different forum, one which has always been independent of the control of Dan Burisch and his Majestic 12 coterie.

You can place it in the sidebar of your website where you list your affiliations.