Farang dating

07-Nov-2017 11:59

She told her husband Arne that one of the key reasons for her happiness was their ability to travel together and see the world: 'I know that Thai women want to leave Thailand to seek a better life, better job, more money but it I think it is more than that,' Arne says.

'Nong told me that her dream was to travel around the world, she even told me that we did not have to live in Norway and she was not afraid if I didn't have a job, it was here dream.

Many have decided to stay preferring the laid back lifestyle of Thailand and the comparatively lower cost of living.

From this has sprung more relationships with farang men and women although 85% approximately involve farang men and Thai women.

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Her marriage to a US farang has made her dream come true.

Today in Thailand many Thai women choose to travel the world seeking education, career prospects and broader personal relationships.

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