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08-Sep-2017 07:06

If your constantly on Google search - trying to figure out his behavior, then somethings off.If it feels like your chasing him more then he's chasing you, Stop, and let him come to you or drop him.There’s this chivalrous knight in shinning armor quality that gets me hooked when a guy takes charge and makes the first move. What I’m saying is that chivalry is now on the endangered "courtship" list so to speak.Women are now becoming the more dominate sex in all areas of modern society which now includes, the courtship phases of dating. The "rules" in dating were originally created based off of male and female psychology. With men being more masculine, their initial role in dating was to be the head honcho and take charge.

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It was like I was trying to navigate my away around Seattle with a map of San Francisco. I originally purchased the book out of curiosity more than anything else but, WOW! Nice Guy' every time you see it in the book with my name and you would be pretty accurate.

Its beyond amaze that women now have equal playing rights in the game of love, but for christ sake would it kill the guys nowadays to try a little harder to pursue us?