Soo ae dating

21-Nov-2017 03:20

Vote them both the best acting, best drama and best couple.

deffo need a new drama or even better, reality show starring the 2 Enjoy watching Kim Young-Kwang and Kyeong Su Jin in the "Age Ending in Nine Boy".

Rupanya predikat ini juga mempengaruhi aktingnya dalam serial Korea terbarunya, "A Thousand Days' Promise".

Pada serial tersebut ia diharuskan melakukan sebuah adegan ciuman bersama Kim Rae Won ("My Little Bride"-2004) di kolam renang.

Have been watching more than 3 times in this drama, enjoy very much. i really liked his acting in D-day this drama is my favorite i watched it more than three times hehe. Both acting was professional and adorable, lovely couple! I dont know and can care less of what everyone else says about Kim Young-kwang. All those people bad mouthing him behind your computer screens can go suck your shame! Both acting was natural in this drama and enjoy watching individual in other drama. He and all the young men in that Drama will be successful. Serial itu juga dimeriahkan oleh Lee Sang Woo dan Jung Yoo Mi.

"A Thousand Days' Promise" telah diputar sejak 17 Oktober di stasiun SBS.

Kim Rae Won is a Korean actor who was born on March 19th, 1981 in Kangnam, Gangwondo, South Korea. At one time, he had hoped to be a professional basketball player.