Spell check intimidating

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Darkvision (60 feet) You can see in the dark (black and white vision only).Elemental Assault (1d6, 4 rounds) (1/day) As a swift action unarmed strike/held weapon is wreathed in energy and deals extra damage.Should this be the case, I can tell you that you are in severe danger of getting a “homework incomplete” notice.It was of course, as with all good homework crises, so late that every shop had shut, thus effectively ruling out the option to go and purchase a climbing type publication that might have knocked off the geological features.There are three that give bonuses: Bully and Fiend Blood (Intimidate) Either or both are good considerations.Brigand is a third trait if your GM allows traits from the kingmaker adventure path, not only do you intimidate but you get a horse and and 100gp worth of goods.I knew we should have kept the subscription to National Geographic going to deal with precisely this kind of educational emergency.

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As for onomatopoeia, when was the last time you said the word, let alone saw it written in a paper or magazine?The attributes to keep in mind for an intimidation type build are Charisma for basic intimidation.