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25-Jul-2017 00:00

Vicki says, “I’m flattered that Shannon thinks of me while eating her not exercising.” Well Shannon is doing something about her weight, dammit!

She’s making 380 calorie dinners that her kids find so disgusting they feed it to the dog under the table, and she’s demanding David STOP the inanity of eating chips before her delicious dinner.

Meghan swears Jimmy is “THE SWEETEST” guy ever “when he’s not being an asshole.” So when he’s not being a hamburger, he’s a piece of cake? Lydia Mc Laughlin had LOTs to celebrate last night: her birthday, her magazine launch, the official babysteps towards Tamicki reunifying. RELATED – Lydia Explores Italy First Lydia turned 36 and got not one, but TWO Lexus Commercials.

OMG – it’s like winning both the Showcase Showdowns! Which would be covered in about ,000 of Cheddar Bunnies within 6 minutes of my kids riding in it, but YAY anyway.

Family members, friends and clergy reported 32% of the cases of financial exploitation against an elderly person in Tennessee last year according to the Adult Protective Services (APS) division of the Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS).Or a hamburger, which is what Meghan was talking to since Jimmy was more interested in eating than in his wife.