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13-Aug-2017 11:52

At the top of the tree is the root followed by the Top Level Domains (TLDs) then the domain-name and any number of lower levels each separated with a dot.

NOTE: The root of the tree is represented most of the time as a silent dot ('.') but there are times as we shall see later when it very important.

With a Name Server present in the network any host only needs to know the physical address of a Name Server and the name of the resource it wishes to access.

Using this data it can find the address (or any other stored attribute or property) of the resource by interrogating (querying) the Name Server.

Resources can be added, moved, changed or deleted at a single location - the Name Server.

At a stroke network management was simplified and made more dynamic.

Then, look to the “Name Servers” section on the lower right-hand side of the page: Click on the link that says “Modify Servers”.To fix this problem the concept of Primary and Secondary Name Servers (many systems allow tertiary or more Name Servers) was born.If the Primary Name Server does not respond a host can use the Secondary (or tertiary etc.). Remember that the Internet (or any network for that matter) works by allocating every point (host, server, router, interface etc.) a physical IP address (which may be locally unique or globally unique).

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Without DNS every host (PC) which wanted to access a resource on the network (Internet), say a simple web page, for example, would need to know its physical IP address.

# In the case of the g TLDs, such as .com, etc., the user part of the delegated name - the name the user registered - is a Second Level Domain (SLD). The user part is therefore frequently simply referred to as the SLD.

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